Conjunto Chocolate was born on September 15th 2000 in the recording studio Audio Arte in San José, Costa Rica . The group consisted of six Cuban musicians who worked in the first musical production called “Los Dueños del Sabor.” This productions included six classic Cuban songs and four original singles.


In a very short time, the group became very popular, and it started to performed in the most important music venues in this country. Due to its success, the band has had the opportunity to present its music with renowned international artists, including PUERTO RICAN POWER, CHUCHO VALDEZ, MARC QUIÑÓNEZ, BOBBY ALLENDE, JULIO ZAVALA, ARMANDO MANZANERO, PAQUITO D' RIVERA, DAVE VALENTÍN, GILBERTO SANTA ROSA, CARLITOS DEL PUERTO.


On May 2002, the work to record the second independent production entitled “Mira que me gusta” started. This production has twelve original singles.


The same year Conjunto Chocolate transcended borders and presented its music in Panama City. Three years later, it toured for four months in various stages of the Tunisian Mediterranean.


On February 2009, the group had one of its most important concerts. The band had the opportunity to perform with MAYITO RIVERA, who was the lead singer of the famous band LOS VAN VAN, and who also is currently one of the main singers of Cuban popular music..


 On September 2012, the group finished the recording of the album “Como le gusta”, which was a production of Mr. Mario E. Campos S. with the valuable assistance of Mr. Álvaro Esquivel. This album makes a brief musical journey through different traditional genres of Cuban music. The singles are totally focused on the dancer, which is the essence and the sonority of Conjunto Chocolate.


This production was the winner of the ACAM Award 2014 as the best tropical music album of 2013. This is the highest award given by the Association of Composers and Authors of Costa Rica (ACAM) to the best productions in this country.


On July 2013, Conjunto Chocolate signed a contract for three years with the prestigious Cuban restaurant “La Bodeguita del Medio” where original music and traditional Cuban songs for all audiences are presented daily.


On February 2014, another great opportunity came. The band was chosen to open the concert of the renowned Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony in Saprissa Stadium in Costa Rica. The group received many positive from the media and the audience.


This successful performance allowed the group to travel to Nicaragua on March 2014 to share the stage with one of the great voices of salsa genre, Mr. Eddy Santiago.


Currently, the group is working on its latest production that will be named "Camino del Son."

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